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Beginner YOUTH Program.
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Develop Beach Volleyball Skills
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This program is optimized for beginner beach volleyball players (see faq definition) that has little or no proper beach training.

This program will help you develop the fundamental skills and strategies for winning youth beach volleyball.

With where you are right now, following the Beginner Beach Youth Program is the best solution for you because this program will help you...

Stay focused on the correct way to train

Consistenly improve week after week

Develop skills specific to youth beach volleyball

Develop good playing habits and the correct mindset for success


The beginner and intermediate programs are designed specifically based on your training level.

The intermediate program requires you to have been CONSISTENTLY training on a STRUCTURED beach volleyball training program for AT LEAST the past month. If you do not meet this requirement, then it’s suggested that you start out with the beginner program.

The reason for this is because a beginner shouldn’t train like an intermediate does and an intermediate shouldn’t train like a beginner does. If a beginner were to train like an intermediate, they would quickly become frustrated and quit. If an intermediate were to train like a beginner, they would not see optimal results. Thus, the approaches in terms of training and progression are different within the beginner versus intermediate program and are optimized based on your training experience.

It’s highly recommended that you have access to a court in order to see the best results with this program. However, the program does have many drills that can be done away from the court.

Most of this program can be done without special equipment (spike trainer, passing target, etc).

You can train every day if you want. I recommend training at least once a week.

The program has no designated start/end time. After purchase, you have lifetime access to the course and everything that comes with it – it’s designed such that you have all the tools available and laid out for you such that you have years’ worth of training at your disposable.

But with that being said, you will see results quickly and you can expect to drastically within the first month of consistently using the program.

In addition, there are training goals listed within the program that you will constantly strive to reach and will signify that you’ve “graduated” from the course and are ready for what’s next.


I uphold a very strict, no-questions-asked, “Money Back if you’re not happy,” 100% money back guarantee.

If there is ANY reason whatsoever you have ANY kind of problem with the program, send me an email in 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund.

If it doesn’t work for you. If you don’t like the videos. If you don’t like the way that it, or any aspect of the program looks…

If you don’t like that I wear a backwards baseball hat in the training videos… Anything… If there’s ANY problem whatsoever, then just email me within 30 days and I’ll send you a full refund.

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Join the Beginner YOUTH Program for 49 $19 Today!