Basic Volleyball Drills
Fun Techniques for Beginner Players

Practice these basic volleyball drills for teaching your athletes how to play volleyball. 

Serve Receive Wave Drill

Three servers and 3 passers each side of the net with a player at target position on each side. Rotate in waves. Servers stay and passers stay. After 3 good passes, passers rotate among themselves. When we reach 10 good passes, all players rotate. Each server serves one at a time. The passers are focused on passing to the target.

If the target player can take one step or less, it counts as a good pass. Serves on each side of the net are alternating serving. When players rotate, servers become passers. The passers become serves on the opposite side. Those serves become the new passers on their own side (it’s a wave).

Flip Flop - Basic Volleyball Drills

Groups of 3 with two volleyballs. One player with back to the net. One player in the middle. One player on the baseline. The players on the outsides have a ball. The player in the middle passes the ball back to the player that tossed it. The player then quickly turns around 180 degrees and passes the other ball back to the player. The player calls the ball with each pass. 

Catch and Throw Game

This drill teaches the fundamental skills for reading. Where is the throw going? Where is the player facing? Players will learn to look at body posture and learn how to anticipate what’s happening. This is a queen of the court style game with the winners staying on the court. If you lose, you come off the court. With this drill, you will see a lot of player movement and discover who your best athletes are and who is aggressive going after the ball. 

Stage 1: Catch and throw. The court is the 10 foot line. Start from behind the 10 foot line with the ball and throw the ball over the net. You must catch the ball and get rid of it fast. You must face where you are throwing the ball. 

Stage 2: Catch, turn, and set. Toss the ball to yourself and set it over the net. You must set the direction you are facing. 

Stage 3: One contact per side. Pass it or set it or hit it over however you want.   

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Basic Volleyball Drills

Golden Egg - Basic Volleyball Drills

Two on two with 3 balls. We are playing short court with a volleyball (golden egg) and two players on each side of the net. The player can’t drop the egg. We are going to play volleyball with the other ball. We want 3 contacts on a side. You can’t play the ball when you are holding the golden egg. We are playing inside the 10 foot line.

When your partner passes you the ball, you must toss the golden egg to your partner. You get one point for winning the rally and two points when the opponent drops the egg. 

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