Beginner Volleyball Drills
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Beginner volleyball drills to help new players and coaches learn how to practice for volleyball. 

Hitting - Beginner Volleyball Drills

Start by practicing how to contact the ball by continuously slapping the ball to the ground. This is like a basketball dribble, but you aren’t dribbling the ball with your finger tips. Contact the ball using your entire hand.

We are working on creating a solid hand contact on the ball. You don't need a coach or court to practice this. This can practiced on your own. You will often notice the server slapping the ball to the ground before they serve the ball. This is what they are working on. Create a solid contact on the ball so you can have better ball control and generate more power. 

Hitting 2  - Beginner Volleyball Drills

Get a partner and work on snapping the wrist or clawing at the ball when you hit it. Start by tossing the ball up then hit the ball down into the ground. Try to bounce it has high as you can. Focus on finishing with the fingers pointed down to the ground. Freeze this finish position. 

Next progression, as you take a step, throw the ball to your partner. Focus on taking the elbow from low to high. Finish with arm straight and fingers pointed downward. 

Next progression, two slaps on the ball then throw the ball - thumb by the thigh, palm to the sky. The elbow should travel next to the ear. 

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Beginner Volleyball Coaching Drills

Setting - Beginner Volleyball Drills

Set the ball straight up in the air and catch it in setter posture. Focus on the feet being in a left-right step staggered stance with every catch. Next progression, do 3 baby sets to yourself then set the 4th set high then catch the ball in setter posture. Do this sequence continuously. This is called the 4 Drill. 

Passing - Beginner Volleyball Drills

Toss the ball high, let it bounce, then catch it low in front of you. You’re working on the posture for passing. Focus on parallel feet with a nice wide base. Push your hips back as you squat low to catch the ball then freeze that position.  Next progression, toss the ball high, get low, let it bounce once, catch the ball and tap it to floor next to your right foot, tap in the middle, then tap next to your left foot, then jump back up to standing position. 

Serving - Beginner Volleyball Drills

Using one hand to toss, practice tossing the ball by lifting the ball up and letting it come out of the hand. Focus on tossing the ball low. The ball should travel straight up and down and should land in front of the hitting shoulder. 

Beginner Passing Ball Control Drill (Popcorn Drill)

Focus on passing to yourself with one arm. Hit the ball twice on the arm then switch to the other arm. Keep alternating. Next progression, do a small bump then a big bump. Then switch arms. Do this drill continuously without stopping. The key to doing this drill well is keeping your feet active. You want to move your feet quickly to get in the right position to play the ball. Next progression, add in a touch to the ground after you bump the ball twice with a single arm. Continue in this sequence and then alternate arms. 

Beginner 6 vs 6 Ball Control Drill (10 to Kill)

Coach sends the ball into the same side of the court. We play to 5 big points. This is a cooperative drill where the object is to get the ball over the net 10 consecutive times. After the ball has gone over the net 10 consecutive times, the teams now have a chance to go for a kill. If the team is having trouble making it to 10 in a row, start lower. For example, 5 in a row then go for a kill. 

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