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Hand Set Techniques

Beach volleyball setting tips. If you’re an indoor volleyball setter, It’s important to understand the skills you learned for setting indoor won’t translate to setting on the beach. 

For a while when you first start setting on the beach, you may want to primarily set using the bump set technique. Since hand setting on the beach is so different, it may take some time before you are comfortable enough to hand set in competition. 

With that said, don’t let the idea of learning the beach volleyball setting technique intimidate you. 

Keeping practicing your hand sets and eventually you’ll be comfortable to set in a real game. 

Hand Setting is a Style

Hand setting is a style in that everyone hand sets slightly different. Anyone can become good at hand setting if they put in the work. 

There are a few keys to hand setting that will help you become a good enough at hand setting to do it consistently in competition.

A couple things you’re going to learn about setting. 

First, how is it possible players that use different techniques are able to set the ball legally?

Second, how do you get in position to not double or contact the ball illegally without sacrificing the accuracy of the location of the set?

Key #1 Easy Reps

Practice hand setting in a controlled situation. You don’t want to practice setting when it’s a difficult situation. You need reps in easy situations. Get good at setting in a controlled situation such as partner tossing the ball to you. Focus on technique first. Get comfortable with the technique then try setting in more difficult situations. 

Key #2 Set in Pressure Situations

After learning the technique of setting, next, you must hand set when the game is on the line. To be confident hand setting, you must hand set when it matters most. You will only get this confidence when you are hand setting in the pressure situations.  

Setting is definitely the most mental skill in beach volleyball. You must believe you can do it or it won’t ever happen.

Tips for Practicing the Hand Set

  • Focus on long contacts. Hold the ball in your hands longer. 
  • Stay behind the ball.
  • When the net is on your left, then set with the left foot forward. When the net is to the right, set with the right foot forward.
  • Create a deep pock for the ball to rest in. The ball should come into your hands and rest under your wrists. If your hands are too far behind the ball, then you will have trouble setting the ball a distance and also more likely to double contact. When you have a deep pocket hand position, all your fingers are wrapping around the ball, not behind the ball.

How to Bump Set on the Beach

The key to bump setting to always square up where you are setting the ball. After your partner passes the ball, you should be square to the area you are sending it. Get behind the ball and push the ball in a straight line to where you want to send it.

Also, you can put some topspin on the ball so it cuts straight through the air. This will help you be more accurate and help the hitter see where the ball is going.

Beach Volleyball Setting Vs Indoor Setting

Setting on the beach is much different than setting indoor. An indoor setter would face the income passing and then make a move turning to the right as they set. The indoor setter has more than one hitter. So for indoor, the setter is being deceptive and trying to fool the opponent on where they are setting the ball. For beach volleyball, you only have one player you can set. Go ahead and square up to where you are setting, and don’t try to fool anyone. Everyone knows you are setting your partner.

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Beach Volleyball Setting

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