Defensive Volleyball Skill

Volleyball skill for passing and defense.

The following are mid position skills for making defensive plays. 

        Mid-position skills crucial for playing defense

Develop the following mid-position skills for playing defense. 

Punch Pass 

This is a skill used in a free ball or down ball situation. You punch the ball toward the target with your arms. You then immediately retract your arms back toward your body.

Down Up 

This is a down up motion used as an overhand skill. This volleyball skill is used any time you need to set the ball high outside from the back row. The player basically squats down and comes up to set the ball and then pushes the ball high to the target. 

Up Down 

Digging the ball with an up down motion cushioning and taking some of the velocity off the ball. Set the ball up and then squat down after the set. 

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Volleyball Skill and Key Drills

Up Down Passing 

Reasons for up down digging...

  1. Give yourself a cushion

  2. Practice being in balance

  3. Build leg strength

The ball comes in and you cushion it with an up down motion. The ball rebounds up in the air after you've taken off some velocity. If you can do an up down after you dig the ball, you then know that you were in balance when you dug the ball. Up downs also help you build leg strength needed to play defense. 

Punch Pass and Movement 

Step around the ball and punch pass bringing arms back to core. 

Overhead Dig 

Get hands up as if to dig overhead. Create a stopper behind the ball, preventing it from deflecting behind you. Fingers need to be up and very firm. This isn't like a set. You're creating a platform with your hands. Take the ball with your hands and push it up. You can also do a down up motion and push up through the ball. 

Overhead Dig and Movement 

Get around the ball and face the target. Do drills where player is either moving forward to play it, or backward. Also do some diagonal movements. Work on catching and throwing hard driven spikes. 

Cushion Dig and Cradle 

You want to be able to cushion the ball all the way to the floor if you need to. Toss the ball to the player and have them cradle the ball all the way to the ground. Focus on cushioning the ball and catching it with your arms as you lower to the ground. Keep shoulders forward, chin out over toes as you bend your knees and hips as you lower to the ground. 

Cushion Dig and Roll 

Pass the ball cushioning the body then roll out. Roll out backwards to take some of the energy out of the ball. 

Exaggerated Cushion Dig 

Hit at digger and digger cushions the ball and passes to a target just a few feet in front of her. Hit the ball hard and force the player to exaggerate the cushioning of the ball. You're learning how to absorb the ball. 

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Developing volleyball skill isn't easy. Be sure to put in time to master the mid-position skills and techniques for playing defense. 

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