Platform Out Early & Angle Ball to Target

The key to passing really well is to start with the platform high, then angle the platform to the target.

A lot of times players get into trouble when the platform is low. What usually happens is the player ends up swinging the arms to get the ball to the target.

When you swing the arms, you lose control of the ball. So, you want the platform out early and keep it high. Start high and focus on angling the platform to the target.

Also, how you move your feet to the ball is important for passing. If you aren't moving your feet quickly and aren't able to get to the correct position, then you end up reaching to the ball.

It's also important to understand where you need to pass the ball. Always define where the ball needs to be passed, then with each pass you need to recognize if you hit the target.

The following passing drill helps players focus on passing the ball accurately. You can do this drill fairly quickly to get in a lot of repetitions fast.

3-2-1 Passing Competition


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