Adidas Volleyball Shoes

Interested in Adidas Volleyball Shoes?

What to Look for in Volleyball Shoes

  • Good landing support. Shoes with great shock absorption for safe landings from jumps blocking and spiking.
  • Cooling technologies such as Climacool®. Your volleyball shoes need to have good ventilation that provide maximum breath ability and comfort all day long throughout your volleyball matches and tournaments.
  • Foot support technologies such as Torsion® designed to support the sole. Adequate cushioning is also important. AdiTUFF™ specializes in resisting toe layer wearing and abrasion.  Cushioning materials in the heel and forefoot are needed to respond to the explosive volleyball movement.   
  • Light and flexible. Light shoes allow you to move quickly. Well made volleyball shoes are able to deal with the jarring stops and plants in volleyball. Shoes need to be able to absorb shock and bodyweight impact in volleyball. The better the flexibility and stability, the better the mobility of the volleyball player.
Adidas Volleyball Shoes
  • Comfortable fit. Play volleyball in comfort and you'll likely be more successful because if you feel good, you'll be more likely to play good.
  • Shoes that look good. If you look good in your volleyball shoes, you're halfway to success. 
  • Shoes need to support your quick explosive agility movements. Supportive athletic shoes will channel the energy of your powerful moves directly into the court for accurate, quick changes of direction. 
  • A supportive non-marking rubber outsole. You need good court traction for moving around the volleyball court. Slipping and sliding around the court can be very frustrating when trying to make successful plays. Have good volleyball shoes that allow you to grip the court well and execute quick explosive first steps and movements around the court. 
  • Dryfit features. Shoes need to handle moisture well to stay dry so you can perform at your best. 

Other Reasons to Consider Adidas Volleyball Shoes

Most Adidas shoes have a special sole that increases the traction as the sole heats up. This can be important especially for competitive volleyball where your feet can get real sweaty. You don't want your foot slipping out of your shoe during a game. It's also uncomfortable to play volleyball while your feet are sliding around in your shoes. Having good traction is important for moving quick and athletically while playing volleyball.

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