Drill to Improve Contact and Ball Control While Aiming to Different Areas of the Court

Hitting a volleyball is a very technical skill. There is a lot going on and to be a great hitter, you have to do many things very well.

For example, there are many different skills that come together for hitting.

You have 1) the approach, 2) the jump, 3) the armswing, and 4) the contact. And you have to do all these skills correctly while still making a good judgement that effects the timing of your hit.

Being a great hitter comes down to how well you are at getting in the correct position to hit. Before you hit the ball, you must work really hard to get in the correct position. And timing the hit is critical.

The following drill helps teach you to work to get in position. You are tossing the ball to yourself, so the anticipation and timing should be easier than when you are being set a ball that comes from a teammate.

Use the following drill to improve these important skills:

Body control

Hitting around a single block

Arm swing


Court vision

Shot selection

Hitter Self-Toss to Attack