Volleyball Hitting Tips

Volleyball hitting tips for the approach and spike.

Tips for Outside Hitters

Master the 4 step approach 

The four step approach is right-left-right-left. 

The outside hitter needs to be ready in starting position to approach. 

A common mistake hitters make is "not lining up" to approach. You should line up to take an approach every single time. 

The approach is important for jumping high and getting in position to hit. 

Important volleyball hitting tips for the 4 step approach... 

  • Be on the left foot when the setter is setting the ball. This will help with timing the hit.

  • After you plant on two feet, focus on jumping straight up.

  • Keep the arm vertical when contacting the ball (don't bend the elbow).
Volleyball Hitting Tips

Keep the Arm Vertical and Reach High

Tips for the contact...

  • Create topspin on the ball. Use a claw-like armswing action to create topspin.

  • To hit the ball more downward, contact the ball more out in front.

  • To hit the ball high over the block, reach up high above your head with a vertical arm. Focus on creating topspin so the ball drops down into the court.

Tips for kills... 

  • Work on hitting the ball down the line. If you are able to hit the ball past the block down the line, this will be very difficult to pass. Even if the team is able to successfully dig this ball, it will be difficult to run an effective offense.

  • Work on hitting the ball cross-court angle. Cross court to the deep corner is a tough ball to dig.

  • Work on tipping to the middle and to the deep corners. The more you're able to mix in different shots, the harder it will be for your opponent to defend you.

Contact the Ball High

Volleyball Hitting Tips Strategies for Attacking Success

To be a successful hitter, you need to be good at... 

  1. Beating the block. Beating the block means you are able to consistently get the ball past the blocker. This type of hitter is great at seeing the block and is able to consistently get the ball past the block.

  2. Beating the defender. Beating the defender means you are consistently not getting dug. Hitters skilled in this way are great at reading the defense and often always know where the defense is and not hitting the ball at them.

  3. Both. The best hitters are good at both. If you're able to see both the block and the defense you will hardly ever get stop.

Be Deceptive and Hit with Control

Volleyball hitting Tips for being deceptive... 

  • Develop an array of shots. 
    If you never hit line, then you'll be a more predictable hitter. Develop all the hits... line, deep cross, sharp angle, tip to the middle, tips to the corners, and short roll shots over the block.

  • Hit with topspin so you can hit down at different angles into the court.

  • Learn how to joust on tight sets.

  • Become comfortable hitting bad sets.

The more hitting options you have, the harder it will be for your opponent to read you. 

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