Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

Features of Mizuno Volleyball Shoes...

Mizuno Wave™ technology

Mizuno Wave™ technology minimizes the force and stress that's placed on the feet when playing volleyball. Volleyball shoes need to have the correct blend of cushioning and stability to minimizes the risk of injury. The Mizuno wave plate in the shoes provides excellent cushioning and disperses the force of impact across a large surface area.

Sensorpoint Technology

Sensorpoint™ is Mizuno's revolutionary suspension system that works by connecting the Wave plate directly to the ground.

Mizuno Volleyball Shoes

VS-T™ technology

A shock absorbing cushioning compound in the heel that provides extra support.


BioLock is a heel-fit system that allows for the best heel fit available. BIOLOCK technology enhances volleyball performance by eliminating wasted movement at the shoes heel.

Mizuno Intercool

Mizuno Intercool technology solves the problem of heat and humidity build-up volleyball shoes. The shoe has a full length ventilation system that removes heat and humidity built up in sole of the shoe.

Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 2 Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning RX3 Volleyball Shoe

What to look for in good Mizuno volleyball shoes

Comfort. You need comfortable shoes when playing volleyball. It's ideal for your feet to feel like they are wearing shoes. You want to move around as natural as possible. 

Good grip. You want to feel your feet connect with the playing surface as if you aren't wearing shoes. You should have a sensitive grip to the floor in order to grip the surface to make quick explosive movements on the court.

Appropriate cushioning. Your shoes should be cushioned well to provide you stability for making athletic plays in volleyball. And you don't want to much cushioning that makes it hard for you to grip the floor. Too much cushion messes up stability and makes it hard to be quick. Too little cushion can confuse your feet on how to move on the court. 

Appropriate Heel Height. An extreme heel height can mess up your performance. You need a lower heel arch support (not like the high heel arches you see in basketball shoes). A lower heel allows for faster lateral movements. Also, high arches don't make sense for brace supports.

Breath-ability. You want shoes that can breathe well if you play a lot of competitive volleyball. Moisture in shoes can cause you to slip and slide around. Mizuno volleyball shoes a breath-ability features that help ventilate the shoe to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

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