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Two parts of the foot to consider when choosing cheap volleyball shoes are the heel and forefoot. 

Why the Heel is a Very Important Part of the Athletic Shoe

The heel has to absorb up to 8 times your own body weight. Your landing technique and movement causes joints, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and the viscous fat pad to react in a way that attempts to dissipate some of the ground impact shock. The heel's main need is to reduce the amount of impact shock and dissipate energy for greater protection. 

Importance of a Good Forefoot (Arch Support)

The impact forces of the forefoot are much less than that of the heel. 

Since the impact forces are much less, the fat pad under the metatarsals is thinner, adaptable, and more flexible. 

The importance of the forefoot is the push off movement when making athletic movements in volleyball. The forefoot transmits propulsive forces to the ground and controls these forces for better dynamic stability of the body. 

Because volleyball shoes are made from different combinations of materials one brand and model of shoes can vary greatly from another. 

When it comes to choosing the right shoes for volleyball, the volleyball player should consider the three major areas - uppers, midsole, and outsole.

Volleyball Shoes

Good Uppers (top part with the laces)

Uppers are the top part of the shoe with the laces. The laces usually come in one of three materials, leather, synthetic leather, and mesh. The purpose of the laces is to hold the shoe together. 

A Good Midsole for Cushioning

Midsoles are used to cushion and provide support and protection for the foot. There are primarily four types of materials used to produce the midsole of commercial volleyball shoes.


Phylon is compressed EVA pellets which heat expands then cooled into mold. Known for its lightweight and highly responsive material, phylon creates an outstanding sole that conforms to the foot, provides a spongy resistance while not adding significant weight to the shoe.


Polyurethane (PU) is the most dense, durable and stable midsole material. Polyurethane formulations cover an extremely wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities. PU has a rubbery smooth feel and tends to turn yellow with age. Being the heaviest midsole material, PU is also the most durable.


Phylite works as both the outsole and midsole. Phylite is lighter than rubber, but heavier than Phylon. By having the midsole and outsole combined, the shoe is more flexible and the weight greatly reduced.


EVA is the least expensive of the midsole material and is often used in basic athletic shoes. Midsoles are cut and shaped from flat sheets of EVA foam. Over time, the EVA will compress and become flat as the trapped within the foam is leaked out. EVA compresses faster than most other midsole materials. Once EVA is compacted, it does not return to its original shape and no longer provides cushioning.

A Good Outsole for Traction

The outsole is the part of your shoe that comes in contact with the ground. The outsole provides durability, and it is the first thing that cushions the shoe. Cheap volleyball shoes outsole patterns may vary. Here are three commonly used materials for outsoles….

Carbon Rubber

Carbon rubber is basically just synthetic rubber with carbon included. The combination of carbon rubber and synthetic rubber creates an extremely durable outsole. The black carbon does not completely bond with the rubber so it can leave black marks on court surfaces.

Solid Rubber

This is the most common outsole material used in athletic shoes. This rubber is a blend of synthetic rubber and natural rubber that wont mark a floor or court surface. It also provides great traction and durability on indoor playing surfaces. Solid rubber is commonly used in cheap volleyball shoes.

Gum Rubber

Gum rubber is a combination of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Gum rubber is easily identified by its natural tan color. Gum rubber is soft and provides great traction on all indoor surfaces. Gum rubber is commonly used in cheap volleyball shoes.

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Top Rated Volleyball Shoes

Popular Volleyball Shoes for Club Competition

Asics, Mizuno, and Nike are the most popular shoes for volleyball.  

Nike seems to have come on strong the past decade. Mizuno seems to be fading away. I would consider Asics to be the leader in quality and popularity when it comes to shoes for volleyball.

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