Best Molten Volleyballs

The following are molten volleyballs for everyone from beginner to highly competitive.

Molten L2... Good Price for a Competitive Player Practice Ball

My Favorite Volleyball

The Molten L2 is my favorite volleyball. In my opinion, it's the best ball on the market for the price. They usually run between $30 and $35. 

The Molten L2 is used more for practices and not so much for competitive tournaments. I find they are a great option for using during private lessons. The balls bounce well and aren't real hard. Buy a set of 6 or 10 of all the same color. This will help distinguish your volleyballs from everyone elses and you'll be less likely to lose them.

My Molten L2's have lasted a long time and haven't worn much.

Also, since the L2 is a cheaper ball, there is less likely someone will run off with it.

The only downside I've had is that you don't want to leave them out in the cold. They'll lose a lot of air and you'll have to pump them back up. I guess you could say the same thing about every volleyball you leave out. I just happened leave my volleyballs in the car outside all night when it's cold and notice significant losses in air when they are left in the car for days. But, like I said, most volleyballs will have this same issue.

Molten Super Touch and Pro Touch

The Super Touch and Pro Touch Molten volleyballs are the best and more expensive volleyballs.  The lowest prices for these volleyballs usually range between $40 and $50.


These volleyballs are commonly used for high school varsity competitions. You'll see these two volleyballs have the official High School Certified Stamp of approval.

High School Federation Stamp

The Super Touch and Pro Touch volleyballs are used in high level club volleyball tournaments.  Molten is the Official Volleyball of USA Volleyball. 

Molten Volleyballs

Molten VB-U12

The VB-U12 is the volleyball designed for competitive players under 12 years old. This ball is much lighter than a standard volleyball. The VB-U12 ball is still fairly expensive even though it's a youth ball. This ball ranges between $30 and $40. It's the official ball for USAV competitive 12 and under competitions. 

Ball Designed for 12 and under competitive volleyball players

Molten Soft Touch

The Soft Touch typically costs slightly less than the more expensive Molten volleyballs. This ball is highly popular for competitive volleyball. Prices usually range $35 to $45.

Soft Touch Volleyball

Molten First Touch Soft Cloth Youth Volleyballs

The First Touch is designed for players 2 and 10 years old. This ball is likely completely different than any volleyball you've seen. The ball has a soft cloth and foam cover. All these volleyballs are for indoor use only. The Molten V70 are for 2 to 4 year olds. The Molten V140 Lite Volleyballs are for 4 to 6 year olds. The V210's are for 7 to 10 year olds.

Volleyballs Designed Specifically for Ages 2 to 10

Molten Souvenir Volleyballs

Molten has mini volleyballs for players and fans to own as souvenirs. Also, these mini volleyballs are great to use as autograph balls for when you have your favorite plans sign you an autograph.

Mini Molten Volleyballs with Cool Designs

Molten Mini Souvenir Volleyballs 

Mini Souvenir Volleyballs for Coach and Team Autographs

Molten Elite Competition Volleyball

The FLISTATEC Molten volleyballs are the official ball for indoor FIVB competition. This is also the official game ball for the Adult USAV National Championships.

This ball doesn't bounce  as well as the typical volleyball. Since the ball has a harder feel and doesn't bounce off the arms as well, it can be a difficult ball to play with. So I encourage you to play first with the ball if possible before spending $40 to $60 for this ball. 

Official FIVB and USAV Adult Club Nationals Volleyball

These are my honest thoughts on this ball. I'm not too crazy about this volleyball. The ball takes some getting used to. This ball has a completely different feel than most volleyballs so I would highly recommend practicing with this ball before making a decision to purchase. I have many friends that do like this ball and think it's pretty good. I'm not crazy about the feel of passing it. I think it floats more and is tougher to read the flight of the ball when passing.

Men's Collegiate Volleyball

Beginner and Recreation Molten Volleyballs

Here are some beginner volleyballs that are a much cheaper option. Many volleyball players aren't sure if they are going to continue with the sport. Especially if it's your first year playing, you may not use the volleyball much anymore. 

There are cheaper volleyballs available. These run about $15 to $25. These balls are great for youth players that just begin to show interest in the sport. This ball is great for recreation and church volleyball parties.

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