How to Serve with Accuracy and Never Miss a Serve Ever Again

Serving in doubles is really important. Serving can make or break you. If you have the ability to serve the ball tough, you can beat just about any team. Whereas if you can't serve tough and miss a lot of serves, you can lose to anyone.

With only two players receiving the serve, this is a lot of court to cover. So, you can put your team in a great position to win the rally by simply rattling off tough serves.

Do you ever struggle keeping your serve in?

If you are having trouble serving, I have a quick tip to help you improve the consistency and accuracy of your serves.

When it comes to missing serves, the toss is often the culprit. 

To consistently serve the ball in, you need to focus on 1) the toss, and 2) the contact. For serving, it's important to understand that if the toss is inconsistent, then it will be hard to make good contact with the ball.

Your toss most often determines how well you serve and many players don't realize the toss is usually the problem.

To improve your toss, focus on keeping the toss low. Also, you want the ball to come straight up out of your hand.

First start by practicing the toss. You want to have a consistent low toss. As you bring the hand forward to make contact, focus on the center of the ball.

Always focus on making contact with the center of the ball. If you hit too much to the left or too much to the right, the ball will spin and won't travel as far.

So, focus on a low consistent toss... making contact through the center... resulting in a solid contact that sends the ball straight over the net.



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