Nike Volleyball Shoes

The following are features of Nike Volleyball Shoes...

Nike Zoom Air™

Nike Zoom Air™ provides a more efficient low to the ground feel. The advantage to the Air Zoom is that it is incredibly thin and light while providing excellent cushioning for  impact while also allowing the athlete to feel the surface he or she is on.

Nike Phylon™

Phylon™ is very lightweight, low-profile and responsive. Phylon™ is made of EVA foam pellets that are compressed, heat expanded and then cooled in a mold. Compression-molded Phylon™ midsoles can be sculpted into a variety of designs that are identified by their fine wrinkles.

PU or Polyurethane

PU creates a firm midsole that provides maximum protection from impact. Nike volleyball shoes that are Polyurethane foam layered have the most dense, durable, and stable midsole material available.

Nike Air-Sole®

Nike Air Sole® cushioning design in the heel and forefoot minimizes foot strike impacts.

Nike Volleyball Shoes

Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike

Difference Between Nike Volleyball Shoes and Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes tend to be much heavier than volleyball shoes. Volleyball shoes tend to be much lighter and also breath easier. 

Volleyball shoes will help with lateral movements without the extra weight.

Jumping is also quicker in volleyball, so you need to move quick.

Basketball shoes are built more for running and they take quite a pounding. I couldn't imagine playing volleyball in basketball shoes because they are so big and thick.

Most basketball shoes are high-tops. The purpose of the high top is to provide more support for the ankle. 

Volleyball shoes are rarely high top and most volleyball players wear ankle braces for extra ankle support.

It's not uncommon for volleyball players to wear nike running shoes for volleyball. Running shoes are typically lighter and just as comfortable as the typical gym shoe.

The downside to running shoes is they aren't usually the best for lateral (side to side) movements. However, many running shoes these days, typical Nike style running shoes, work fairly well for volleyball. Light, comfort, and style are usually what sparks the interest in Nike running shoes for volleyball.

Women`s Lunar Ballistec Tennis Shoes Ivory and Magnet Gray

Women`s Air Pegasus+ 30 Running Shoes Pink and Gray

Nike Air Zoom vs Nike Shox

Choose Nike Air Zoom instead of Nike Shox. 

You have probably noticed most volleyball shoes aren't elevated very high at the heel. This is because it's best to play court sports such as volleyball with shoes that don't have a high heel lift. 

Nike Shox have a very high heel lift and aren't recommended for volleyball. Playing in Shox is about like playing in high heels. The Shox are more for basketball. Nike Air shoes are more appropriate for volleyball.