Learning to Set with Partner Setting Drills

There are many partner setting drills players can do to improve setting skills.

As teammates set the ball back and forth to one another, always have players focus on something.

If you're a beginner, focus on getting to the ball and finishing steps left-right.

You want to always finish left-right as you set the ball. Finishing left-right helps you stay open to the hitter and helps keep the ball from drifting too tight to the net.

You also want to have a high contact point when you set. A high contact allows you to set the ball higher.

Keeping the hands high also forces the ball in and out of the hands FAST.

This is what you want... you want the ball out of the hands as fast you as you can. The faster you can get the ball out, the less likely you will lose control. And if the ball goes in and out of the hands fast without the ball spinning, the referee will never whistle a double contact.

Also, to help avoid double contacts, keep the hands in the shape of the ball before, during, and after contact.

The following drills are partner setting drills that will challenge player athleticism.

Partner Setting Series