Topspin Serve Passing

It's a good strategy to teach at least one player on the team to serve a topspin ball.

In women's volleyball, it tends to be more uncommon to see players serving topspin.

If you hardly ever see the topspin serve, passing topspin can be very difficult.

I have seen many teams go on a long serving run just because they had one player that could serve topspin really well. So, I would definitely consider training at least one player on the team to serve topspin.

Passing topspin is different in that the ball will drop down into the court. When serving topspin deep, the ball will often look like it's going out deep. Players tend to let this ball drop in at the endline.

When serving topspin short, players often misread the ball and end up diving or lunging forward to play the ball.

Topspin is also easier to control and keep in the court.

The following drill teaches players to serve and pass the topspin serve.

Passing a Topspin Serve