Quotes About Volleyball

Quotes about volleyball. Use the following quotes to inspire your players to be the best they can be. 

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"It is not the coach's job to evaluate the officiating in the middle of the match any more than it is the official's job to evaluate the coaching of the team." 
-- Terry Lawton, Ph.D.  

Quotes about Volleyball

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Stephen Covey, Author, Keynote Speaker

"You may make a favorable first impression through charm; you may win through intimidation. But secondary personality traits alone have no permanent worth in long-term relationships. If there is not deep integrity and fundamental character strength, true motives will eventually surface and human relationships will fail." 
-- Stephen R. Covey 

"...from a legislative standpoint, the concept of sexual harassment has only been critically reviewed in the workplace setting. Coaches and athletic administrators are not exempt from scrutiny in the gym, and neither are other players." 
-- Kinda S. Asher 

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Quotes from famous volleyball coaches and self help gurus

"If coaches are concerned with maintaining the intimacy and privacy of the locker room, then they should treat their players with respect and dignity. In other words, as human beings. This will uphold the integrity of the locker room because student-athletes would have no reason to protest or speak out about the behavior of their coach." 
-- Keith McDermott 


"Players want to play volleyball for many reasons, one of which is to have fun participating. Players who are not kept active in practices nor allowed to play in matches will quickly lose interest." 
-- Mark Hansen 


"Players need to play off each other's energy and emotions to enhance others' performances, to boost confidence, and to affect meaningful change." 
-- J.M. Hogg 

Mike Welch

"Creating a championship atmosphere is easy if athletes look forward to both competition and the practice it takes to get there." 

-- Mike Welch 


"One of the key principles in becoming a good leader is being a good follower." 

-- Johnnie Cleveland quotes about volleyball leadership 

Jin Wang, Ph.D. 

"An informal leadership system for team sports is achieved by using peer influence from the team. The chosen informal leaders have a high level of maturity, great skills, and rich experience." 
-- Jin Wang, Ph.D. 
"Coaches must have an awareness of the mental frame of mind their teams will have when a time-out is called during a match. This frame of mind is typically driven by the team's momentum of the court when the time-out is taken." 
-- Walt Ker 

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Quotes About Volleyball

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