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Volleyball Sports Player, What Makes a Leader

Discover volleyball sports player leadership and which player has the ability to lead.

Leadership is Important

What Skills Make Up a Leader?

1. Understanding Individual Needs 

A leader should understand the needs and characteristics of each member of the group. 

2. Showing Empathy 

Through this understanding comes compassion or empathy, a key characteristic that serious and successful leaders possess. 

3. Exhibiting Mental Toughness 

In some circumstances, the leader must say no. This mental toughness skill helps to define a leader. No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement. 

4. Dealing with Crisis 

Handling crisis is a skill that also helps to define a leader. A group needs to know that the leader will be there for them in time of need. Being visible and available goes a long way toward reducing anxiety and sending the message that things will be fine. 

Volleyball Sports Player

5. Accepting Accountability 

Accountability keeps a team on task and allows the team to keep each other in check. 

Here are some strong attributes of accountability and what leaders should focus on... 

  • the end goal

  • valuing of others

  • keeping promises and honoring commitments

  • willingness to delegate

6. Creating and Holding a Vision 

All great leaders have the ability to create a compelling vision. This vision is one that takes people to a new place. Also, the leader possesses the ability to translate that vision into reality. 

7. Volleyball Sports Player Communication 

It's the coach's role to establish communication with team leaders, and to help develop lines of communication, and lingo that will be used in the midst of competition. 

The most important skill of a leader is the ability to listen and communicate effectively.

Discover the Leader of Your Team

Fill in these blanks and discover who the leader on your team is. 

Volleyball Sports Player... Make Great Plays to Win

  1. When the match is on the line, I want _____ very involved.

  2. I admire ______.

  3. If coach was unexpectedly late to practice, I'd want ______to get us going.

  4. If I had a problem that I didn't want to talk to coach about but wanted someone on the team to know, I'd talk to ______.

  5. ________ is the best leader on the team.

  6. If a reporter was covering our team, I'd like _____ to speak for us.

  7. When we are playing poorly, ______ gets us back on track.

  8. When we win, it's usually because of _____.

  9. If I don't feel very motivated _____ helps get me going.

  10. The person I respect the most on this team is _______.

  11. The person on this team with the best attitude is _____.

  12. When we are in a big match I'm really glad _______ is on our team.

  13. If ______ criticizes me, I can take it. _____ is someone that even if I disagree with her, I respect her.

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What Skills Make a Leader in Volleyball?