Set to Win

In practice, the setter should constantly be working to improve decision making skills.

Something all setter's should do is understand each teammates abilities. The better you know what your team can do, the better decisions you will make on the court.

Here are a few things you need to know about your team...

Which player on the team do you set in pressure situations?

Which player is "hot" right now and should get the next set?

What's the best offensive strategy for you team?

Which player is struggling?

As a setter, you need to understand each players role on the team. You need to know each players strengths and weaknesses.

In practice, use what you know about your team and practice making good decisions. For example, during a scrimmage,  run your offense the way you would in a tournament. Understand which player you should set and which player you shouldn't.

You need to recognize which player is "on" right now and which player isn't.

Practice paying attention to the opponent and making decisions based on the situation. If your hitter is up against a good block, understand what ball to set in this situation.

If your outside attacker is up against a 5 foot 2 inch setter blocking at the net... you need to recognize this situation!

The setter needs to understand that the decisions they make will greatly impact the outcome of the match. Poor decisions will lead to losing more rallies and therefore, losing more matches.

Use the following drill to help the setter become better at making decisions that will lead to more wins.

Set to Win Volleyball Drill