Anticipating the Ball & Getting in Position Quickly

It's important for the setter to learn various movement patterns for setting.

When possible, you want to always start the setting moves from a position near the net.

When starting from a position off the net in serve receive, the setter needs be ready to move quickly to the net.

Get to the net quickly so you are ready to make your move.

From a position near the net, the setter makes a quick move away from the net to get in position to set.

It's important for movement patterns to be as consistent as possible.

Consistent Start Position

Consistent Footwork to the Ball

Consistent Setting Moves

So, you want a consistent starting position (start at the net). And you want consistent footwork to get in position to set. Then you also want consistent footwork for how you finish the moves (finish left-right, spin off one foot, jump set, etc).

The following drill teaches the setter to communicate with teammates and move quickly to get in position to set the ball.

Setter Signal Attacker