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Volleyball Spike Trainer

The real advantage of this spike trainer is that you can more easily work on getting to correct "ball contact" position. 

The ball sits there waiting for you to approach, jump, and spike. With the ball in a stationary position, the spiker doesn't need to adjust the approach. There's no reading the setter. Just approach over and over again fine tuning the approach footwork and focusing on getting in the correct contact position. 

Also, focus on how you contact the ball. 

Volleyball Spike Trainer

Volleyball Spike Trainer

Put this baby together in less than 2 hours. Take your game to the next level by utilizing the volleyball spike trainer.

Smith Machines for a Home Gym

What exactly are Smith Machines? 

It's a home gym type weight lifting machine. Some machines come with many different gadgets for weight training such as cables, benches, leg curling and extension, etc. The main feature of the exercise machine is a barbell that is constrained to move only vertically upwards and downwards on steel runners. The machine often includes a weight rack in the base to help stabilize it. 

The main reason these types of exercise machines came about was so that you could have a squat rack and you could more easily perform other weight training exercises. A weight rack or bar rack is the most important feature of the machine. You don’t want to purchase a smith machine that you can’t rack the bar. 

By having the option to rack the bar, you can perform many volleyball barbell free weight exercises such as front squats, back squats, box squats, and overhead presses. Obviously, squats are one of the most important exercises and you need a rack for when lifting heavy loads.

Training for volleyball involves training for increased strength and power. To get stronger, you must lift heavy weight with fewer repetitions. 

Smith Machines can be a Safer Alternative

If you are a beginner at lifting weights, a smith machine can be good because it helps control the movement of the weight. This can make working out at home a much safer experience because for many exercises you won’t need a spotter. 

Of course lifting heavy free weight at home without a spotter is dangerous. Smith machines are a popular choice because they combine the feel of free weights with the safety of traditional resistance machines. 

Smith machines for athletes tend to be more expensive than multi gyms sold to the general public. This is because they are designed for experienced lifters who can move a lot of weight. That requires quality construction from a high gauge steel. 

Caribou III Multi Gym (Complete) w/ Smith MachineMega Smith System Loaded w Attachments

The Caribou III is designed for the experienced lifter who needs a quality piece of equipment for home training. 

The smith carriage provides a smooth and quality feel. 


  • incline/decline bench

  • 200lb weight stack for the high/low pulley system

  • dip station

  • lat pull downs

  • pec deck

  • chin bar

  • preacher curls

  • cable crossovers

  • leg extensions

  • leg curls

Bodycraft Jones Machine review

The Bodycraft Jones Machine has the advantage over a traditional smith machine in that it’s not locked into a vertical, static plane of motion. That means you can perform any free weight exercise in a natural motion and aren't as prone to injury. 

The Jones machine has built guide rods that allow simultaneous horizontal and vertical planes of motion with a built-in 15 degree pivoting latch system, so you can rack the weight at any time during an exercise. 

You can also turn this machine into a traditional smith machine by egaging the pop pin locks. By simply twisting your wrist, the weight bar is “racked” into place. Adjustable Safety spotters are included to add that last extra measure of security. 

The basic Jones machine comes with the rack and built-in Olympic bar. 

You have options to include either a plate loaded lat stack or the better 200 pound selectorized tower. You also need your own weight bench and weights.