Setter Movement for Back Setting

Have you ever noticed that the best setter's are constantly turning to the right before each set?

The setter should be making a right turn as they get in position to set the ball. This is the movement the setter needs to make every SINGLE time they set the ball.

As the team is making the pass, the setter should always be in an open position, facing the ball. As the ball is being passed, the setter prepares to make a quick move. As the ball comes in, the setter waits patiently and then quickly makes a fast turn to the right as they set the ball.

The setter should always end up with shoulders square to the left front attacker.

This is true even for setting middle and setting the ball back.

Remember, the more consistent your technique, the more consistent you will place your sets. This is why it's so important to always finish the skill the same way each time.

Also, if your movement is the same each time, then it will look the same to the opponent each time. This is important for being a deceptive setter.

So, if your positioning and movement looks the same for outside, middle, and backsets... then it will be tougher for your opponent to read what you are doing. Therefore, it will be tough for the opponent to anticipate where the ball is being set.

The following is an important drill for teaching the correct movement and positioning for backsetting.

Three Player Backsetting Drill