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Tips for selecting the right volleyball knee pads…...

Avoid kneepads that have excessive bulk. You want knee pads that are flexible around the knee and comfortable to move around in.

Make sure the patella padding of the kneepad is adequate. Especially if you'll be diving a lot and hitting the ground hard, you want your knees to be well protected.

Get kneepads that have a fabric that breathes. Knee pads that breathe well will stay drier and won't accumulate sweat as much. Knee pads that are constantly wet will eventually start to smell and then you'll have to wash them more often. This is especially a problem if you're superstitious and don't want to wash them often. I know volleyball players that go the entire season without washing their kneepads because of the fear of bad luck washing them brings!

Get a kneepad that is lightweight. Obviously the lighter the knee pad, the more comfortable you'll be and the faster you'll move around the court.

Volleyball Knee Pads

Try each pair of knee pads on to test their fit. It's best to try out your new knee pads before you decide to make a purchase. If you can't first try them on, then definitely get some good advice on what style of knee pads are best for you.

Look for a pair of knee pads that form fit to your knees and legs. Not all knee pads fit the same. Some volleyball knee pads are small and have a low rise fit to them. The purpose of the low rise is so the knee pad will fit better and feel more comfortable. Some don't like the low rise look and feel. Everyone is different and prefer different styles. 

If you are a serious volleyball player you might want to find a specialty store that can special order kneepads for volleyball. 

You can get measured and also determine what type of material is best for you.

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Materials and features of Volleyball Knee Pads…

Kneepads that feature polyamide material to aid in breath-ability and flexibility. Polyamides are basically types of synthetic material made up of wool, silk, and nylon.

Asics GEL® Cushioning System. Cushioning is important for crashing hard to the floor. Especially if you play a lot of defense, you need knee pads that are going to support your knees when contacting the ground. Libero and defensive specialists should definitely research and try out different styles of knee pads so they are better prepared.

Kneepad that protect your patella and court lateral medial movements. Again, your knees need to be adequately protected from the rough play in volleyball. Especially if you'll be diving a lot on the court, you need knee pads that will provide the support. Many competitive tournaments these days take place on Sport Court playing surfaces that aren't very forgiving to the body. 

ASICS Competition 2.0 Volleyball Knee Pads

A kneepad that has flexible foam pad that cushions shock. The padding you'll like varies. Some players like the thinner padding while others like the old school style of the thicker bulkier knee pads. You'll have to see what you prefer yourself.

Kneepads that stay dry and comfortable. Nothing worse than your team smelling you coming a mile away. Knee pads that stay dry and breathe easy will lesson the sweaty stinky stench.

Kinetofoam technology that makes the kneepad envelop around the knee joint from every angle providing a stable, comfortable fit. Newer styles of knee pads have advanced foam features that help with knee stability. 

A knee pad that is made of a flexible elastic sleeve that allows you to make dynamic movements in volleyball. Flexibility adds to the comfort and also the performance out on the court.

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