Volleyball Nets for Sale
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Looking for volleyball nets for sale?

Qualities to look for in a volleyball net…

Simple to set up which saves you valuable practice time. You don't want to wasting your court time trying to figure out how to set up your nets every practice. A simple to set up system will allow you to set up the net in just a few minutes and then be ready to start playing.

Aluminum or steel? Aluminum net systems that are lightweight and extremely easy to move. Along with being lightweight, the net system needs to be rugged enough to withstand the great net tension obtained when the net is fully set up.

Does the net system fit comfortably into most existing floor sleeves? Not all net systems are the same. Be sure to know what type of net system you'll need.

Volleyball nets for sale

Steel Volleyball Net System

Is it easy to adjust the height of the net? Do the steel bases have sliding eye bolt collars that are easy to adjust the net heights?

Does the net system come with a referee platform? Also, is the referee stand adjustable to allow the referee to comfortable call the game? Also, if there will be competitive tournaments played using the net system, it's important to have a referee stand with a padded platform to add extra comfort for the referee that has to stand for long hours officiating tournaments.

Characteristics of good volleyball outdoor nets

Some outdoor nets are much easier to put up and take down. Park and Sun is the most popular volleyball net system for grass volleyball competitions. Once comfortable with the setup and take down process, it will only take couple people about 10 minutes to set up the net, and even fast to take it down. The most time consuming part of the process is winding up and unwinding the boundary lines.  

  • telescopic aluminum poles makes for easy adjustment of net height, quick setup and portable net system
  • weather resistent
  • guyline system with handles
  • heavy-duty net storage bag with a full zipper
  • strong tension net for playing the ball out of the net
  • steel ground stakes
  • correctly measured boundary lines with corner anchors
  • even net tension from pole to pole
  • 10 year pole warranty under normal wear and tear
  • no guy wires to get in the way of play which allows for safer game play and more area to move when making plays
  • pole padding for safer play
  • court boundary lines that won't disingrate from exposure to sun, heat, and humidity

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