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Quotes about Famous Players

"Karch inspired his partners, his opponents and the world of volleyball players to be better than they were, to be great... In the end, who could do more for a sport than that?" -- Mike Dodd 

"I don't know anyone taller than me in volleyball. In world sport, maybe China's basketball player, Yao Ming, but in volleyball it's me." --Alexey Kazakov 217 cm (7-2), Russia Men's National Team 

"Yes, there is a bit of craziness in the Brazilians with the way we play. That is a character of the team and everybody knows that." --Ricardo Garcia, Brazil Men's National Team 

Volleyball Sayings and Quotes

Volleyball Sayings and Quotes by Coaches

A quote from Mike Hebert, volleyball coach... 
Playing time is a sensitive subject on any high-level volleyball team. I want you to be clear about my expectations and how I make my decisions.

  1. You must learn to play one of the following roles: 
    a. Stud 
    b. Winner 
    c. Stabilizer

  2. You must display strong interpersonal skills. 
    a. Be an energy producer. 
    b. Resolve conflicts. 
    c. Be a giver, not a taker.

  3. You have to develop a strong skill base as measured by out statistical evaluation system.

  4. You must display a commitment to team guidelines.

  5. You must display a competitive attitude during practice and in competition.

  6. You must display a commitment to strength training, conditioning, nutrition, and solid sleep and rest habits.

  7. You will also be evaluated according to several "intangibles", such as your ability to inspire others, your ability to play well during critical moments in a match, your ability to be a "player", and so forth.

The coach must analyze the coach-self relationship: Am I good at this? Can I make a difference? Is this something I am happy with? 

Don't I know anything else? Can I make it work as a career? Do I know what I am doing? Will I get better? 

Will I be good? And, quite possibly, at some point in a coach's career comes the real question: What am I doing? (This usually surfaces as I watch my team demonstrate a level of volleyball that borders on awful!) 
- Mark Pavlik, Volleyball Coach 

Fun Volleyball Sayings and Quotes

30 feet by 60 feet 

900 square in all 

74-1/8” my friends 
a 12-panel, dead cow ball. 
Three hits a side 
No double licks 
The airwires outa bounds 
Serve it in 
Concentrate Nothin hits the ground! 
Block inside 
Show hit, then tip 
Over your shoulder - let it go. 
Set it high 
Hit it hard 
Always cover low. 
Carbohydrate loading 
Jump very, very high 
Bend the knees 
Attrition game 
This wonderful game of ours! 
— Joe ―The Truth Harmon 

An advantage to volleyball is that you have a scoreboard to tell how you have done as a team. 

The thing is, in life there is no scoreboard, at least not one that you can see. —John Kessel 

I probably have the only team in the country on which all the players ACT scores are higher than their vertical jumps. —Ten Clemens, women‘s college volleyball head coach 

Think positive, real volleyball happens too fast to think any other way. — John Kessel 

Volleyball Sayings and Quotes Coaching

When I am coaching, there is no I, there is only coaching. 
When I am competing, there is no I, there is only competing. 
When I am training, there is no I, there is only training. 

All other times, there is no I, there is only you. - Unknown 

I do not let the ball hit the floor,
You do not let the ball hit the floor,
We do not let the ball hit the floor. 
- VB Coach 

More Volleyball Sayings and Quotes

"Some girl will say to me, "Your shot is so perfect, what camps did you go to to learn it?"Taurasi's in-traffic jumper is textbook: elbows in, shoulders square, hand high, John Wooden stuff. "Camps? 

No camps, " she says. "Driveway basketball, playing against the boys, watching Magic and Michael." - Michael Bamberger January 20, 2003 Sports Illustrated - Driving Force 

"I think little girls need big girls to look up to. They're role models. For them it's a big responsibility but I'm excited... 

...I want to see little girls have people to look up to and model their game after. I'm sure there's a little girl out there who loves to dribble like Dawn (Staley) does, loves to shoot like Sheryl (Swoopes), and loves to be an intimidating force like Rebecca (Lobo)."- Teresa Edwards, Pro Basketball Player 

Tom Ehrenfeld on Parenting Volleyball Sayings and Quotes

Sir Issac Newton may have discovered the laws of gravity, here here's a parallel set of laws that govern moms and dads... 

- A child's behavior will improve in proportion to the distance she's away from the parent. 

- Two is equal to two, except when referring to time. Two minutes of tantrum lasts 20 times longer as two minutes of quiet time. 

- The choice of a pre-schooler'd best friend corresponds directly to the distance the friend lives from your house. 

- A child's enjoyment of popular entertainment will be inversely proportional to the parent's enjoyment. 

- The chance of a surprise visit by your parents-in-law is directly proportional to the size of the mess in your home. 

Volleyball Sayings and Quotes

- A child will always eat exactly what she has loved for the past year-- unless it is the only food in the fridge. 

- The ease with which a toddler acquires the ability to say a word, increases with its likelihood to embarrass a sailor. 

The secret to success is doing the best that you can do. Forget about whether you might win or lose. 

By working hard and practicing the skills that you need to perform, the results will take care of themselves. 

Being successful is doing your best. 

- Barbara Ann Cochran, Olympic skier 

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