Volleyball Setter Tips

Volleyball setter tips.

In this video, I discuss the Setter Return Move

The setter return is a training move that helps to develop quicker, cleaner hand sets. The goal of this setting drill is to focus on a consistent hand position during the entire setting motion – from pre-contact to post-contact.

During the entire setting movement, the hand position never changes. For this drill, it’s important to focus on bringing the hands back to start position.

Basically, the finish position will mimic the start position.

Practicing this drill will likely result in improved ball control with a quicker release.

Do you have trouble contacting the ball cleanly?

For most setters, the biggest issue is setting the ball cleanly. 

If you are having trouble with double contacts, first focus on the position of the hands. 

Start Position:

Place the thumbs and forefingers into a triangle with approximately equal distance between the thumbs and forefingers.

Make sure your hands are slightly rounded prior to contact with the ball. The hands are kept in the shape of the ball before, during, after contact.

This allows for a greater area of the ball to be contacted. The more surface area contacted, the better control of the ball and the better the release.

Don’t make the common mistake of bringing the hands back towards the eyes prior to contact. This is a mistake because this allows the hands/fingers to move in only one direction.

It's Best to Use All Fingers

The more fingers on the ball, the more the setter will control the ball. 

Here, you can see in the photo on the left, all fingers make contact with the ball. 

In the photo on the right, not all fingers are contacting the ball.

This will result in less ball control.

The setter is also more likely to be whistled for a double contact on the ball. 

Hands Should Stay in the Shape of the Ball

Here, the hands are coming apart.

This is not recommended.

After completing the set, the hands should return to the same position (in the shape of the ball).

Here, the setter is returning to the correct position after executing the back set.

 Consistency and Accuracy

The "Setter Return" technique is also important for set location

A good rule of thumb is...

The more consistent a setter's technique, the more consistent the location of the set will be. 

Always remember, the hand finish position should look very much like start position. Fingers finishing pointed forward or hands coming apart is not recommended.

Obviously, the setter needs to be really good at delivering a hit-able ball to an attacker. This is one of the main responsibilities of setting. If the setter can't put the ball in a good location to attack, then the setter isn't doing a good job setting. 

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Volleyball Setter Tips

Volleyball Setter Tips