Asics Volleyball Shoes

Features of Asics Volleyball Shoes...


Impact Guidance System (IGS®) enhances the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe-off.


A lighter, more durable, cushioning midsole.


The PHF® in ASICS shoes is a memory-foam-lined heel collar that molds for a personal heal fit.

Biomorphic Fit™

The design of the Biomorphic Fit™ allows the upper to stretch in high tension areas while minimizing compression and irritation of the foot.


The GEL® feature of volleyball shoes helps disperse ground force impact horizontally away from the point of contact (the bottom of the feet). This is different from cushioning, in that, cushioning is actually just the action of absorbing and reflecting the impact force back up your feet and legs.

Dynamic Cradle™

The Dynamic Cradle™ basically supports the shoes peripheral portions by cradling the sides of the foot in a way that limits overpronation and oversupination.


The new Duosole™ is more durable, and offers better grip because the three layers move on each other, improving flexibility, and increasing the friction coefficient at the ground/shoe interface.

Asics Volleyball Shoes

Asics Shoes for Volleyball

Asics tend to run small. If ordering online, it's usually a good idea to get a size bigger than you normally would if getting other shoes. If shoes are too small, a solution might be to wear thinner socks. A lot of dry fit socks these days are made from thinner material. This could help give you more room in the smaller shoes.

Asics and Mizuno are the 2 most popular brands for volleyball shoes. Some claim they jump higher in Mizuno's. Some claim the heel have torn off of the Mizuno shoes more easily while the Asics shoes tend to have high durability and last a long time.

I personally like the look and feel of Asics. Asics volleyball shoes feel light to me and I feel like it's more natural to move in them. 

Asics run small so be sure and order a size or two bigger than what you would with the average athletic shoe. 

Most Popular Asics Volleyball Shoes

The Asics Gel Rocket 6 and 7 are the most popular asics shoes for volleyball. 

The ASICS Women's GEL-Flashpoint Volleyball Shoe is also a very popular volleyball shoe.

Asics Flashpoint Volleyball Shoes

The Asics shoes have cool designs and a comfort fit. Very popular shoe especially in club and junior girls volleyball. Many options available with different colorful designs.

Popular Volleyball Shoes

Here are the most popular volleyball shoes. 

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