Basic Volleyball Positions

Basic volleyball positions include setter, middle hitter, left-side hitters, right-side hitters, and libero. 

Understanding Player Roles

It's important to understand that each player on the court has a different role. 

The setter needs to have consistent overhand skills and a desire to be involved in every play and be relied upon.

The setter needs to possess the ability to make decisions quickly and be a leader on the court. A leadership mentality is important for communicating with teammates and analyzing situations on a regular basis. 

Basic Volleyball Positions

The Setter is like a Quarterback in Football

Basic Volleyball Positions

Left-Side Hitters 
The left-side hitter (also referred to as the outside hitter) must carry a lot of responsibility for getting kills. The left-side hitter is a big part of the offense because the setter will likely set them often, especially when the team is out of system. Left-side hitters often need to deal with hitting against a double block. It's good if your left-side hitter has backrow skills and can stay in the game for six rotations. The left-side hitter is often the teams star player and best hitter

Middle Hitter 
The middle hitters need to have a never say die mentality. Middles need to be quick and have good movement skills. Middle hitters need to have a great work ethic and have the ability to quickly analyze situations. Middle hitters need to be quick to hit quick sets and move quick along the net to block. It's important for middle hitters to anticipate well in order to cover a lot of territory blocking at the net. Good blocking skills are especially important for players that play middle. 

Right-Side Hitter 
Of the basic volleyball positions, the left-side hitter is usually the strongest attacker. Therefore, the right-side hitter needs to have strong blocking skills. Setting skills are also important for right-side hitters because being opposite the setter, if the setter makes the dig on the first ball, the right-side needs to set the second ball. The right-side is commonly referred to as the "technique position" because the player often has multiple roles and needs to be good at a variety of techniques. 

The player that plays libero needs to have strong serve receive skills and defensive skills because her main responsibility is starting the offense. During the rally, a good libero constantly controls and patrols the backcourt. The libero may be in charge of passing formations and must communicate changes to teammates. The libero must have passion for making defensive plays and thrive on starting the offense for the setter and hitters. 

To be great at these basic volleyball positions, players must understand their role and play aggressive at her position. 

Having Great Role Players Wins Championships

Players that focus on their individual role on the team can help win against an opponent that looks much stronger on paper. 

Some hitters put up huge numbers on a regular basis, and their team relies on them to perform. Other hitters put up small kill totals but are great at serving and passing. 

A players role on a team isn't consistent from team to team. What's important is each player understands their role on the team. Finding the right combination of players can be a tough challenge for a coach at any level.

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