Pants for Volleyball Practices

Need pants for volleyball? Here you'll find cool athletic pants for warm-ups, practices, and off the court.

Which Style? Jogger, Fleece, Capri, Sweatpants, Yoga...

Holloway Womens Jogger Pant

Jogger Style. Many Jogger style pants have zippers in the legs that make it easy for you to put on and take off easily. Especially in cold volleyball facilities, the convenience of quickly putting on or removing warm up pants is important because there's often a lot of down time at volleyball tournaments. Be sure to check out other types of warm up pants for volleyball with the easy zipper leg pant solution.

Pants for Volleyball Practice

ASICS Women's Fleece Pants

Fleece. Fleece style athletic pants are great for both volleyball players and coaches. Feel comfortable and look good while you coach your volleyball team. Not only do you look really athletic in fleece pants, but many players tend to like the feel of fleece over regular sweat pants for volleyball.

Things to consider are... 

  • 1) Comfort level? Uncomfortable pants can take away from your performance.
  • 2) How baggy are they? You don't them to be too loose or move around too much when you play.
  • 3) How do you look in them? Of course style is important if you play at an elite level of club or high school volleyball. 

Under Armour Women's Sonic Capri Pant

Capri. Capri were originally mid-calf pants worn in warm weather. Today, many athletes, especially female volleyball payers enjoy wearing the Capri style athletic pants. Athletic pants with the Capri look that have compression fabric help with muscle circulation and muscle recovery. With flexible athletic pants that have a cool look, you'll feel like more athletic and comfortable while you play volleyball.   

Jerzees Youth Sweatpant

Sweat pants. Traditional sweat pants are soft trousers worn by athletes. Sweat pants are still commonly worn by volleyball players. Sweat pants are great to wear during volleyball warm ups. Sweat pants keep the leg muscles warm and help speed up the warm up process.

Low Rise. Low rise pants are often called hip-huggers because the pants waist band is placed just below your body's hips. Low-rise pants are available in many different styles and sizes. The rise is defined as the distance on a pair of pants from the crotch to waist. The rise on a standard pair of pants his about 11-inches. On average, low rise pants are about seven inches, with other popular low rise pants just three to four inches from crotch to waist. Low-rise pants also com in Capri style that are cuffed mid-calf and usually available in light cottons and khakis. 

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