Volleyball Shorts and Spandex

What volleyball shorts are right for you?

Things to consider when looking for girls shorts for playing volleyball...

Top of the line spandex fabric. The type of fabric is important for things such as wicking away sweat, comfort, and muscle support.

Shorts that slide easily on the ground. When you dive in volleyball and hit the ground, it's best to have shorts that allow you to make plays more effectively. Shorts that provide better movement sliding on the floor, giving you ability to quickly get up off the ground to continue playing.

Volleyball Shorts for the Competitive Player

Compression shorts that help performance. These special type of sports playing spandex shorts work well to regulate your body temperature and enhance your volleyball playing performance.

Volleyball Shorts

Comfortable shorts for playing. Instead of baggy shorts, girls wear spandex because it's easier to sprint, lunge, jump, dive, and jump all around the court. You want volleyball spandex shorts that are free of annoying tags. You don't want any annoying center seams in front or back.

Shorts that provide a safe landing. If you hit the ground a lot, you'll benefit from shorts that help prevent floor burn when diving to the ground.

Dry Fit technologies. Most major brands now have moisture management technology for rapid evaporation & comfort. Shorts that are dry fit are able to wick away perspiration from your skin rather than absorbing it.

Shorts you look good in. Not only do you want shorts that are easy to move around in, but also shorts that are stylish. Not only can you look good in tight shorts, but also shorts that are tight to your body will help you stay out of the net when hitting or blocking.

Shorts that can handle the heat. When its hot, you want shorts that will keep you cool, dry, and light.

Seamless construction to prevent chaffing. Also, an elastic waistband for a more comfortable fit.

Low rise waist. Shorts that aren't low rise often need to be folded over at the waist in order to have a comfortable fit.

Fabric that stretches. You want shorts that are made of fabric that stretches and won't rip when you jump or lunge after a ball. Shorts that have less resistance when you move will allow you to make more athletic plays. Shorts that stretch allow for maximum movement when stretching out reaching for the ball.

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