Nfinity Volleyball Shoes

Nfinity volleyball shoes have a look and feel that's awesome. 

A Volleyball Shoe Designed Specifically for Women

Nfinity volleyball shoes are a new type of volleyball shoe designed specifically for women. The look and feel are awesome. 

Many players complain about traction with volleyball shoes. 

The advantage of Nfinity is the gum soles (gum rubber) sticky and tacky material to help with traction. 

There are big color toe stoppers at the top of the shoe. TPU is much lighter and covers more area, with more durability helping you to prolong the life of your shoe. 

The design of the shoe allows you to keep the shoe cool because of the unique air flow. 

There's a lot of synthetic leather where you need the lateral support. A large air hole mesh is on the top instead of the synthetic leather. This helps with breathability of the shoe.

This air hole mesh helps circulate air flow and also keep the odor out of the shoe. 

Nfinity Volleyball Shoes

Nfinity Volleyball Shoe Review

If you want lightweight shoes for jumping, this might be a good buy. 

The shoes actually look a lot better in person than the pictures online. 

These shoes are lightweight, feel awesome, and the I love the color cards. When comparing these shoes to my Mizuno Wave Lightning 3 shoes, these shoes are much lighter and have much better traction. 

Unique Design of the Shoe

This is the first and only brand of volleyball shoe designed exclusively for women. 

Nfinity shoes are designed specifically for a women's foot type. The shoe is narrower in heel and narrower in the mid-foot than mens shoes. 

The most important part of Nfinity shoes is the technology designed specifically to support the physiology of a women's body. 

Women typically have a wider Q-Angle of the bone that extends from the hip to the knee. This more pronounced angle is believed to be the main reason women are more prone to acl injuries. 

Nfinity has a midsole that naturally aligns and cushions to keep the foot in a position that ultimately keeps pressure off the knees helping deter ACL injuries. 

Hottest Volleyball Shoe

The new Nfinity volleyball shoe is becoming the hottest volleyball shoe specifically made for girls. All of Nfinity's shoes are specifically designed for a woman's foot. 

Most shoe company's just scale down a mens shoe and guess. Women have narrower feet than men do. 

The toe box is an ergonomic shape because it was best to get rid of a lot of the material in the front top part of the shoe. 

The straps that are attached to the midsole are called NfiniLock. These straps come up around the arch to help tie the arch down and keep it from slipping.