Spandex Volleyball Shorts

Spandex volleyball shorts for practice and game competition.

What Spandex for Volleyball?

Need help in selecting spandex volleyball shorts? Ask yourself the following questions to help decide what type of spandex is right for you.

  • Will the spandex help keep you dry and cool? While playing volleyball, you'll likely sweat quite a bit. You want spandex that will adequately handle the moisture that comes from playing in hot sweaty gyms. 
  • While the spandex ride up around the edges? While making athletic plays in volleyball, you don't want the spandex to ride up and make you uncomfortable. 
Spandex Volleyball Shorts
  • What do you look like when you play in them? You don't want to be constantly worried about what you look like out on the court while you play volleyball. If you look and feel good when you play, this will make life much easier. 

  • Is performance important? If you are playing competitive volleyball, then how you move on the court will be important. Spandex can help with your flexibility and stretching out to make plays. Looking good is important, but if you want to play volleyball at an elite level, having good pair of spandex can really help.
  • Are the spandex for practice or competition? The spandex you wear to volleyball practice can be different than your tournament spandex. Most volleyball organizations have strict rules for volleyball uniforms. For example, in USAV club volleyball, all player uniforms must be identical (expect for the libero).

Types of Spandex Volleyball Shorts

  • Low Cut Volleyball Shorts. These spandex shorts are designed so that it's more comfortable for the player around the waist. They are called "low cut" because they don't rise up above the waist. Before low cut spandex were available, girls used to have to fold the spandex over near the waist in order to have a more comfortable feel.
  • Spandex with Dry Fit Material. Dry fit material is important for perspiration. Sweat can make playing volleyball very uncomfortable. The evolution of spandex has come along way in the enhancement of drying away sweat. 
  • Compression Spandex Shorts. If your shorts are "compression" shorts, this means the shorts are designed to increase blood flow by targeting certain muscle areas. Also, compression shorts tend to reduce chaffing and help with muscle support and recovery. Most spandex are made without any cotton in them. Most of the material is usually Nylon and Lycra. 
  • Fun Funky Spandex. There are fun and wild spandex shorts available for team practices. Wearing spandex that has bright colors can also be a great attention getter for tryouts.   

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Best Spandex for Club Volleyball

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