Under Armour Volleyball Knee Pads

Under Armour volleyball knee pads are form fitting volleyball knee pads that protect the volleyball player's knees from many angles. 

Modular Protective Zone™

MPZ™ in volleyball knee pads is a lightweight padding technology providing protection for the knees.

UA HeatGear™

100% micro fiber, instead of soaking in moisture, UA HeatGear™ technology wicks moisture away from the body for a cooler and dryer athletic experience.

Under Armour Knee Pads

Knee Pads for Volleyball

What to look for...

Knee pads with freedom of movement. Make athletic plays bending and twisting your body to get in the position.

Knee pads that fit right and protect the high impact zones. You want a knee pad that protects the medial, lateral, and patela areas of the knee.

Low rise and no-fold design. Comfort is important. A low-rise design allows for comfort around the knee, thigh, and lower leg. The no-fold design makes the knee pad more convenient to use. 

Cool look. If you wear Under Armour uniforms, then knee pads to match is a pretty good idea. Looking good out on the court is half the success in sports. Look like a great player and you're more likely to succeed.

Breatheability. You don't want your knee pads to become to hot and sweaty. Knee pads that breath easily will help keep you from getting too hot and uncomfortable while you play volleyball.

Odor Protection. Are your knee pads non-stinky? Tons of sweat and dirty builds up in your knee pads from all the time practicing and playing volleyball. Especially if you are superstitious, you don't want knee pads that will quickly gather up odor. 

Under Armour® Volleyball Knee Pad

The Under Armour® Volleyball Knee Pad features Modular Protective Zone™ (MPZ™) padding that provides multi-directional protection from impact and comfortably form fits to the knee. 

The exclusive UA HeatGear™ lining provides optimal moisture transport. Under Armour® HeatGear™ sleeve lining provides moisture management. Double seam construction prevents binding and pinching. 

Contoured design keeps knee pad sleeve in place protecting forming comfortably to the knee offering maximum front and lateral protection. 

White Under Armour Volleyball Knee Pads

Stay safe and protected with the Under Armour volleyball knee pads. 

These volleyball kneepads come with the Under Armour heat seal logo. 

The Under Armour Volleyball Kneepad has an ultra light HeatGear® fabric sleeve that is form-fitting and includes maximum protection with contoured padding. 

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