Volleyball Passing Drills

Volleyball passing drills to help succeed as at serve reception. 

The pass in volleyball is used more often than any other skill in the game. If your team can't pass, then you can't run an effective offense. The pass leads to the set which leads to the hit. Winning in volleyball is all about putting the team in position to attack. And the attack begins with a successful pass in serve receive or a successful defensive play.

Passing Technique 

For forearm passing, start in a medium stance with knees bent, legs a little more than shoulder width, and the right foot slighly forward. 

  • Beat the ball.

  • Make contact on the forearms, just above the wrists.

  • Always create a flat forearm platform.
Volleyball Passing Drills

Overhead Passing 

Overhead passing is slightly different than forearm passing. An overhead pass is directed overhead using finger action on the ball. 

  • Beat the ball.

  • Get in position with hands in the shape of the ball at the forehead or slightly higher.

  • Square your shoulders to face the target.

  • Extend your arms as you overhead passing the ball.

Volleyball Passing Drills are Important Early in the Season

If you don't focus on volleyball passing drills early in the season, you will likely be focusing on them the rest of the season. 

Beginners need to experience more coach-centered passing drills early on for instructional purposes. 

As with most skills, technique is very important. Using consistent technique and correct passing form every time will eliminate most errors. 

Pass with Confidence 

Make it clear to everyone, especially your opponent that you want to pass the ball. If you show that you want the ball to come to you, this can be very intimidating to your opponent. A strong presentation encourages passers to feel confident and in control. 

Passing on the Beach

Volleyball Passing Drills

Minute to Win It 

The purpose of this drill is to improve the percentage of successful passes. 

The drill can be run on each side of the net at the same time. 

Three passers and one setter set up on each side of the net. 

A coach or a tosser has a basket of volleyballs stationed off the court on the opposite side of the net. The coach times for 3 minutes. 

Running the Drill 

1. The coach throws the ball to the passers on the opposite side. 

2. A passer passes the ball to the setter, who then calls out the number of points awarded for the pass. 3 is a pass to the setter at shoulder height or above. 2 is a pass within two steps of the setter. 1 is a pass in which the setter can chase down the pass and still act. 0 is an overpass or ace in which the setter has no chance to act on the ball. 

3. The setter catches the ball and throws it to the shagger standing at the basket of balls. 

4. Play continues on both sides for the 3 minutes. Players pass for as many points as possible. The side with the most points wins. 

Coaching point 

Enter volleyballs at a consistent pace. 


Have a play-off between primary passers. Also, add a hitter and set the ball to them, while still keeping the focus on good passes. 

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