Best Volleyball Socks

Volleyball socks are probably the most overlooked volleyball equipment. 

If you wear cheap socks that have no support for athletic movements, it won't be long before you'll be getting a new pair. Good socks have some cushioning and also have important material made to wick away sweat and keep your feet dry. 

Cotton gets wet and stays wet. Take a look at some of the material blends that are available and remember to buy on quality not just price. A dry foot means less blisters, calluses, and soreness. 

ASICS White Junior All Sport Knee High Socks

Volleyball Socks

Important characteristics of good volleyball socks

  • Moisture management technologies such as Asics Coolmax® and Under Armour HeatGear®
  • A cushioning sole for helping absorb shock.
  • A sock that has a flat toe seam.

Volleyball high knee socks have become a popular choice to wear when playing volleyball. High knee socks can be worn to make your team stand out from everyone else. Also, high socks can also be used as a quick shoe sole dirt brush off when playing volleyball on dirty courts. 

Important characteristics of good volleyball knee high socks

  • Comfortable knee high socks that stay up during the rigorous jumping and diving movements in volleyball.
  • Form fitted socks where the elastic in them doesn't squeeze too tight, yet are tight enough to keep the socks up.
  • Socks that go all the way up over your knee so you can put your volleyball knee pads over them.

Are you Concerned about Performance and Health?

Today's athletic socks are made contoured to your feet. Days of cotton socks for sports are gone. The best socks for volleyball have wicking material (designed to deal with sweat) and compression technology to fit your feet in the right places. 

Why not cotton material? Cotton can lose it's shape and compress to your shoes. Cotton can also keep your feet wet retaining the moisture and leaving you with a greater chance for blisters or infections.

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Socks for Club Volleyball

Popular Volleyball Socks

Popular socks for volleyball include Red Lion and Knee High Socks. Your type of socks may not be that important if you're a beginner. However, for the more serious players, certain socks are more appropriate for competitive volleyball. 

Red Lion style are great for getting noticed out on the court because of the cool designs such as tie dye, polka dot, and swirl.

Knee high socks are popular for the competitive volleyball player. The extra long socks have a comfortable fit that allows for athletic plays.