Volleyball Cheers

Volleyball cheers to inspire and motive your team. Get flying high with great chants and sayings for volleyball!

            Never Stop Trying. Never Stop Believing.

Cheer #1




Sideout XX (name of team)! 


Cheer #2

(team name) are the very best, 

We know there is no other, 

For anyone who disagrees, 

We say (clap clap) WHATEVER! 


Cheer #3


We're Bad, 

We've got the game, 

We can't be had, 

We're the best, 

Our Teams too cool, 

We've got the Stuff, 

To rock your School! 

Go ________ GO! 


Cheer #4

V-is for victory 

I SAID V-is for victory 

Slice that V 

Dot that i 

Rock that C-T-O-R-Y


Cheer #5

Ace: Stomp stomp clap stomp stomp clap stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp ACE 

Other team hits ball out: 1, 2, Seeya 

Your team calls ball out and it's out:G-double o-d-e-y-e Goodeye Goodeye 

Spike: 1, 2 kaboom-boom 

Block: Captian yells BRICK everyone else yells wall! 


Cheer #6

We're Gonna Bump, Set And Spike It 

'Cuz That's The Way We Like It 

We're Gonna Win!(clap)(clap) 

Volleyball Cheers Provide Extra Motivation

Volleyball cheers can also be placed on t-shirts. Slogans and quotes are important for success in volleyball because any extra motivation will help your team succeed. 

Cheer #7

player:my name is (player) and you know what i got! 

team: what do you got? 

player: i got a team that's hotter than hot! 

team: how hot is hot?! 

player: great serves and good hits too! 

everybody: do doo do doo 

everybody: we're gunna beat the whoopsy outta you 


Cheer #8

"Uno, dos, uno dos tres 

This next serve's gonna be an ACE!" 


Cheer #9

Okay this one's for boosting a team's morale, check it out! 

"3,6,9 our serves are fine 

bump it to me, set it to me one more time 

get low, get low, put yo knee pads on the flow. 

(everyone yells) YOU KNOW!" 


Cheer #10

"We're number one 

Can't be number 2 

And we're going to beat 

The whoopse out of you!" 


Cheer #11


group: respond (they actually say respond) 


group: respond 

leader: modavation! 

group respond 

leader: dedication! 

group: respond 



Cheer #12

Come on come on get the party started (clap clap) (stomp stomp) go go win win. tigers got the beat (kick) (clap) (stomp stomp) (kick) 

Inspire Your Teammates with Inpirational Volleyball Cheers

Good volleyball cheers will inspire your team. Team quotes and sayings just might be the thing your team needs to help gain confidence and start playing at a higher level. 

Cheer #13

whooda whooda whoooda 

who u think u are 

whooda whooda whooda 

who u think u are 

o think were goood 

ooo we know were good 

o think were cool 

ooo we know were cool 

oo u think were seeexxy (slowly) 

o we know were sexxy 

whooda whooda whooda 

who u think u are 


Cheer #14

1. Eagles fight. Bump, set, and spike. 

2. S-I-D (clap, clap, clap) E-O-U-T (clap, clap, clap) Side out(clap, clap), Eagles(clap, clap) 


Cheer #15

bump it up ...go ahead go ahed. 

bump it up go ahed..(clap) 


Cheer #16

one person says most of it then the crowd or rest of the team repeats it 

person-hi my name is (name of person) and guess what i got? 

Crowd-what do you got? 

Person-i got a teams thats hotter than hott! 

Crowd-how hott is hott? 

person-bump, set, and spike too....we're gonna beat the whoopsies outta you! 

crowd-the whoopsies out of you!!!!!! 

then it can rotate players. 


Cheer #17

We are the (school mascot) and you know what we got. 

What do you got? 

WE got a team thats hotter than hot! 

How hot is hot? 

Bumps, sets and spiking too, 

Wooo Woo Woo Woo So hit the ball like the rest of us do! 


Cheer #18

Brrrrrrrrr... It's cold in here... I said there must be some Toros in the atmosphere... (Repeat 40x) 


Volleyball cheers and inspirational quotes can be the difference between winning and losing. Quotes and sayings will bring the best out in your team and help win more games! 

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